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Inexpensive spotlight with grid and barn doors
09-12-2017, 06:38
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Inexpensive spotlight with grid and barn doors
I’m hoping someone can advise me on how to get a cheap light that behaves like a spotlight. It can be low quality as we’re still experimenting. I want to attach a 10 degree grid (because we like the effect this creates). I also want to use barn doors (or could rig up my own).

I’m wondering if there’s a pre-fab setup that comes complete with all these components (light, stand, grid, barn doors) that can be purchased.

I would be very interested to hear any advice on this, thank you.

Here is some more background:

I need to photograph leather handbags. I studied a tutorial and am trying to base my lighting setup on that. One component they use is a spotlight with fresnel lens and barn doors. But they say that instead of a fresnel we can use a "regular reflector” with a honeycomb grid and barn doors.

I need to use continuous lighting because my knowledge is basic at this point and I don’t want to add lights that need to “fire" into the mix yet.

We have some softboxes and the bulbs are 5000K. I assume I should get something similar in the spotlight.'
Please Help !
Thanks !
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